Stamaste is a warm, safe, serene space for anyone who wishes to start yoga, deepen their yoga practice, and explore the yogic lifestyle.



Stretch. Move. Flow. Explore the practice of yoga in a calm, supported environment. Stacee Finkelstein is an experienced yoga teacher whose unique style is widely enjoyed by students of all levels of practice. Her classes are carefully designed sequences that support logical movements in the body, focusing on smooth transitions to slowly build in strength and intensity. The challenges of these physical, yang-style yoga poses are balanced with the restorative nature of of yin-style poses. Students of all levels find strength and serenity when practicing with Stacee. 


Stacee Finkelstein
Founder of Stamaste



Stacee is an excellent yoga instructor. She communicates well with the class and sets a calm atmosphere with clear instructions. Her sequence of stretches, moves, and poses flows smoothly; with a logical order that prepares yogis for the increasing challenges during a class. Stacee has taught me new poses and positions that I had yet to experience during my seven years of regular yoga practice. She is kind and helpful, always happy to answer questions and share knowledge.

Greg, Golds Gym Member