Who’s that girl?

Hello everyone! Before I go on and talk about facts that I find interesting (eg., the yamas and other yogic philosophy), I think that it’s important that you get to know me as a person. I am more than just a yoga instructor with a health and wellness blog. I am more than a girl who is passionate about yoga and helping others. What you see on the outside is just the surface. Why not get to know the girl behind the passion for yoga and mindfulness?

If I needed a few adjectives to describe myself, I would start with anything in the realm of “loving.” Hence, one might describe me as affectionate, devoted, adoring, caring, tender, warm-hearted, and doting. How does this tie into my role as a yoga instructor? Well, a yoga instructor is distinguished from other fitness professions in that they show dedication to their students in ways beyond that of physical. We help students achieve balance through both mind, body, and spirit. I write this blog to go beyond devotion towards my students in a physical way. I hope this place serves as a spiritual and psychological outlet for those needing balance and love in their lives.

But beyond devotion playing an important role in my role as a yoga instructor, it also plays an important role in my friendships and family. I take the qualities that make me a good yoga teacher and transform them into my everyday life.

But how does devotion tie into yoga holistically…beyond the role of a teacher, or even guru? Take Bhakti yoga, meaning love and devotion towards a personal god. We will get into more loving devotion and Bhakti yoga in later posts. But let’s get back to who I am.

An individual is well beyond that of the adjectives that describe their personality and intention. I am a wife, a daughter, former granddaughter, niece, cousin, and a friend. I find that connection to others is a main component when describing personality. Connection and community, especially in yoga, is so crucial when establishing our personalities. We learn from others, get ideas from others, and hear stories from others. I can say this is most certainly true for myself. I have learned so much from my mother, aunt, and grandmother, such as right and wrong, and weak or strong. I consider myself to be a giving person, in return, by caring for such people who I share such a strong connection with.

Well, one might say, how else am I a giving person? I practice seva, or work performed without any reward, in several ways. We will get into seva in greater depth in later posts. I volunteer for organizations which can give back to the world in so many ways. What I do to give back to the community will be spoken abut in later posts. However, I still find it important that readers who wish to follow my blog know how much it mean to me when I give back to my community.

I am consistent and reliable. And at this point in my life, I feel more grounded than I ever have before. I never cancel plans with people. nor am I ever late. My relationships with people are important to me and I would never do anything to jeopardize or antagonize that. I show respect and am non judgmental, as well. I comprehend that everyone is their own unique mind and body oasis. I was not put on this earth to judge those who are different ,but rather accept and understand those who differ from me. In the end, this makes me a well rounded person. I love learning from others, which is why I respect others who are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum as I am.

I am not one to sit still. I feel like people who sit still are not really living. On a weekend, you’ll find me exploring some foreign cuisine, exploring art of other heritages, and reading worldly news. Oh, I also travel once a year to a place that I have never been before. The places that I travel to are interesting. People speak different languages, eat different foods, and altogether, live differently.

I am an advocate. I advocate for peoples rights. Whether its for race, gender, the environment, or even raising the minimum wage, I believe that everyone was brought into the world to be treated fairly. If I was queen of the world, I would ensure that everyone was treated equally, with fairness and justice. I don’t believe that anyone is superior to anyone else, but rather that everyone is unique and special in their own way. Once again, tying into my love of yoga, which emphasizes how everyone achieves enlightenment in their own unique way.

Most importantly, in order to be an effective yoga instructor, one must be able to take care of oneself first. I would find it difficult to pass on my health and wellness knowledge without having to practice what I preach. I am also mindful. My daily diet has allowed me to practice yoga both on and off the mat. I carefully observe what I put into my body. My body is a temple and i want it to be treated as such. That means, only nourishing it with stuff thats true and real.

To sum it up, I am an empathic young woman with a heart of gold. I care for others and am devoted to giving back to the world. I value community by maintaining strong relationships with family and friends. I am devoted to my family and friends, as well. I give back to the world without expecting anything back from the world, except self satisfaction within myself.

I have layers underneath my role as a yoga teacher. All you have to do is peel through the layers to discover the pit of the fruit. In other words, the “pit” of my true identity. These next few blog posts will help those reading this post uncover the layers underneath my skin, and eventually reach the pit of my true identity.

I look forward to sharing such joy with others. I hope that we can become a community throughout this blog, as well as on my social media. I hope to grow a large yoga community in which we are all out to look out for each other, as well as help the world around us.

Let’s start this journey together. Look out for my next post to discover more about me!