A post of gratitude

Hello my fellow yogis! As we approach the season of giving, and feeling thankful for all of the greatness that we have encountered, I want to take a moment to state what I feel most thankful for in my life. I want you all to do the same! Sometimes yoga and life isn’t about writing long, informational, step-by-step blogs. It is nice to take a beak at times to stop and think about our lives, and all that we have (or don’t have). It gives our minds a clear viewpoint. Once we gain awareness, we can go back to informational and step-by-step guides in life. So, here is what I am most thankful for…

Sure, it would be cliche for me to say my family, friends, and having food on the table is what I’m most thankful for. However, if I didn’t have yoga in my life, none of those things would mean anything. Thus, yoga is what keeps me going. It’s what keeps me sane. It what keeps me happy. Before yoga, and when my mind is focused on other things, I don’t feel like my true self.

That being, said, I invite you all to share below what you feel thankful for! Don’t be afraid to be honest, as this is a sacred space and non judgement atmosphere!