My favorite cues to use during a yoga class

There are ways to get students into an asana, or yoga pose, with simply your words. It is often difficult, and not very effective, in my opinion, to always be on the mat demonstrating a pose without walking around the room to observe what your students are doing.

Your words serve as an extremely powerful tool when teaching a yoga class. As a matter of fact, one of the best lessons that I learned in my own teacher training was to utilize the power of my voice, and how to choose your words wisely, when being a leader in a yoga class. Below I will jot down a few powerful, yet effective words to use when cueing specific poses.

  • Baby cobra pose- Bring your palms next to your nipples, push up through the tops of your feet, legs, and pelvis, and inhale into a baby cobra for two deep cleansing breaths.

  • Exhale, curl the toes under, allow the hips to rise towards the sky, into your downward facing dog

  • Extended triangle pose- reach the front right arm towards the font of the room, inhale the right arm down towards the right ankle at six o clock, and reach the left arm up towards 12 0’ clock. In triangle pose, hips popped towards the back of the room.

  • Goddess Squat, or pose- point the toes towards the top-right corners of the mat, cactus out the arms allowing the shoulder blades to hug, exhale squat down, allowing the sitting bones to reach closer towards he earth.

  • Corpse pose- come to your final resting pose, tucking your shoulder blades underneath of your spine so that you feel more connected and grounded with the earth beneath you.

  • Chair pose- exhale sink the hips into your chair pose, with each exhale bring your torso closer to your thighs, making sure that when you look down, you see all ten toes. Hips pointed towards the back of the room. Heels, big toes, and knees are touching and in contact with one another.

  • Low lunge- circle the palms around the top right foot, left heel reaching towards the back of the room, sink into that right hip

  • high lunge- Inhale rot to rise into your high lunge, sinking into the right hip, hips squared towards the front of the room.

  • Warrior 1- back left foot turned in 45 degrees, right knee stacked over the right ankle, hips squared (back hip forward, front hip back), relax the shoulders

  • Warrior 2- Exhale and open up into a warrior 2, splashing your arms out with passion. Keep both arms in line with each other, high of the right foot is in line with the inner arch of the left foot.

  • Mountain pose- Heels and big toes touching, tailbone down, belly tucked into your spine, palms facing frontwards, shoulder blades hugging, feeling a roll of dimes in between your shoulder-blades, and crown of the head reaching towards the ceiling. Feel the breath, or energy, move from the base of the spine and all the way up to the crown of the head.

Thats it for now folks! Those are the main poses, or asanas, that I generally cover throughout my sessions, in one variation or another. Message me for more tips of cueing any other poses that you had in mind that I did not cover!

Namaste, and happy Monday!