About Stamaste

Whether you're new to yoga or are looking to deepen your yoga practice, Stamaste is home for you. Designed for the busy professionals who are interested in the health and stress relief benefits of yoga. This yoga is perfect for those practitioners looking for less flash in their yoga practice and more sustainability and reliability.

Stacee Finkelstein, founder of Stamaste, teaches public classes at Gold's Gym in Ballston and Rosslyn, VA.

She also teaches private and group yoga classes and offers workshops, trainings, and retreats.

Serving  the greater D.C. area since 2015.


Public Yoga Classes

10:15 am
Gold's Gym Ballston

12:00 pm
Gold's Gym Rosslyn

6:15 pm/ Edlavotch Community Center

10:00 am
Gold's Gym Ballston

1:00 pm Environmental Protection Agency/Corporate Yoga

6:00 pm
Ronald Reagan International Trade Building/ Corporate Yoga

12:00 pm Gold's Gym Roslyn

6:15 pm /Edlavotch Community Center

Fridays/ 12:00 pm Golds Gym Courthouse


"Stacee has been a dedicated student in my Ashtanga yoga classes for many years. In my opinion she has two of the most important qualities of a good yoga teacher, love of yoga and a sincere desire to help people."

- Faith,
Woodley Park Yoga


Private Yoga - Individual Sessions

Get one-on-one attention and instruction with customized individual yoga sessions. Whether you are working through an injury or would like to take on some advanced poses, private sessions will give you the specific feedback needed to deepen your practice.

Private Yoga - Small Group Sessions

Perfect for couples, coworkers, families, or groups of friends who would like a personalized yoga experience, small groups sessions are a great way to experience the shared energy of a yoga class in a private, customized setting. 



Customized yoga workshops include beginners series, pranayama, meditation, arm balances, Ashtanga, restorative, and more. Join Stamaste's newsletter to stay connected to upcoming events. 

Meditation Sessions

All yogic practices, especially meditation, are designed to reveal the purist quality that is occurring on the tissue and the cellular level of the body, and the electric waves of the mind. Join Stamaste to help in learning such techqniues for clearing the mind both on and off the mat. I will lead you through guided meditation, and eventually you can use such practices on your own. You will learn strategies to help reduce anxiety and stress, and help bring about positive change in your life.

Trainings & Retreats

Deepen your connection to yoga with Stamaste's local and international retreats and trainings. Whether you're a beginning or advanced student, these programs offer unique teachings and insights to yoga.